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What is Zubi?

In essence, Zubi is an online food label calculator and a place to hold details about your food products. It's a sensational way to manage your label compliance information, and to create perfect labelling reports or black and white labels you can download or print - directly from the internet.

Example reports

Here’s a PDF example of a label and report that Zubi can create.

What can I do once in Zubi?

1. Find or add your ingredients

  • Pick ingredients from pre-loaded database or enter from supplier specifications
  • Record suppliers for each ingredient
  • Link multiple nutrients to each ingredient
  • Pick to measure by weight or volume and record specific gravity
  • Vary way compound ingredient declarations display dependent on if at <5% or >5%
  • Choose to declare additives by code or name
  • Capture warning /advisory statements
  • List allergens as either does not contain / contains / may contains
  • Track qualifiers such as gluten free, vegan, halal and many more
  • Select country of origin for each ingredient

2. Build your recipe and product

  • Create products with multiple pack sizes
  • Manage complex multi-level formulations
  • Assign brands to products
  • Build recipes easily by picking from ingredients database
  • Hold marketing text and images by variant
  • Collect ingredients as groups in listings
  • Select characterising ingredients to display %
  • Include barcodes for bulk / carton labels
  • Choose to include % Daily Intake values in NIP
  • Hide vitamin or mineral in NIP if RDI <10%
  • Note storage and usage instructions
  • Enter product shelf life by days, months or years
  • Override ingredient declarations for individual products
  • Account for cooking losses for nutrition calculations
  • Add multiple nutrients to Nutrition Information Panel (NIP)
  • Track allergens from cross contamination during processing

3. Calculate your labels or reports

  • Pay just once to calculate results and then make unlimited changes for 12 months
  • Display complete product labelling details, as formatted reports
  • Copy results to Word, or download as PDF
  • Create black and white labels sized to fit products
  • Include best before dates based on when label printed
  • Print labels direct, with no other software needed

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Updated for 2020, Zubi's White Papers on Risk.

Download our two White Papers now to learn why businesses are abandoning unsafe data management practices and switching to a flexible, user-friendly, cloud-based solution.

Read our White Paper on Risk to explore the risks companies face regarding:

  • Inadequate software capabilities
  • Incorrect allergen labelling
  • Data loss from cyber attack and due to hardware failure
  • Spreadsheet error
  • Inferior cross-departmental communication


  • How Zubi means better data management for better compliance

Read our White Paper on Allergen Labelling to uncover:

  • The importance of labelling for allergens
  • Proposed FSANZ changes to labelling law
  • The impact of recalls on a company
  • The risks inherent in spreadsheets


  • How switching to Zubi reduces allergen risk

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How to

Handy video guides showing just how easy it is to work with Zubi:

Create a product

Understand the basics of creating a product using Zubi. This video gives you a step-by-step look at the process helping to explain some of the features available to assist with product development. After using Zubi you will be able to produce a label or food report for your product.

Add an ingredient

Create your own ingredient database to make your products NIP as accurate as possible. Learn how to add an ingredient from your specification to make your product as accurate as possible.

Split a declaration

Have several compound ingredients in your product, then Zubi can help you. See how split your compound ingredients to group together similar components. Make your ingredients declaration more concise.

Add a Bespoke product (over-labelling)

Importing products into New Zealand or Australia and your product doesn’t have the correct label information? Use Zubi to convert your products information and print directly from Zubi to make your product compliant.